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  • Sushant

    I heard mikrotik hot-spot can be hacked easily. People can know which IP and mac is existing network by ‘angry IP scanner’and they can make change in there own device and get access. There is also browser called as “mortor” which can bypass security. Is there any solution? How can I secure hot-spot?

    • I cannot find “mortor” browser. Please give any link on this browser. Secondly, knowing MAC and IP, you cannot login hotspot. You must have username and password to get internet through hotspot. Brother configure your hotspot and try to hack. if you are successful, you will know how to make secure your hotspot and also share your knowledge with me. Thanks.

  • Sir,

    I still have problem trying to input firewall rule on my router, it’s a bit difficult for me to do

    Can you teach me on how that is done?

  • wanie

    hi can you do configuration hotspot for mikrotik rb750?

  • Ted

    Thanks for the tutorial, how about when i want a hotspot for wifi users.. I can’ seem to make it work, where users will connect to the wifi and automatically redirect to the captive portal.. Please help

  • DAF

    Hi good night, I seeking to set up. A hot spot system using ur device, I would like to know a few things
    1. Would the Access point be able to run with out a pc after setting up the hotspot
    2. Does this device offer voucher based access, free trial login and payment gateway such as paypal.
    3. Can I use the SXT2 or which device would u recommend and how many device I would need
    I am trying to cover a community where the AP wI’ll be face the community. E.g the AP in the center facing community and it has degrees to left and right.

  • Sherwin

    hi Sayeed
    im so interested with your tutorial,

    im just wondering in WAN IP since my internet service provider is WIRELESS (LTE cellular connection)
    everytime i reboot my modem or disconnect it will change WAN IP how to solved about my problem with WAN IP

  • Ducleostar

    Please guide me Build a wifi system with user authentication.
    Mikrotik CCR1009-7G-1C-1S + router and Openmesh A60 accesspoint.

  • Anushka Udeshan

    Why do I get
    Hi there,

    Error 400: Bad Request, Error page on the browser, wont allow me to login or login page doesn’t comes up.
    I tried few times with my mikrotik routerboard(hap) , internet is working, everything is working apart from this hotspot configuration.

    what can cause this issue?

    Please fix.

  • Suraj

    i have mikrotik RB750gr3 New Model i want making public hotspot , but our ISP is not giving IP only give me a user name and password internet is working, please can you make me hotspot

    IMO contact :+977-9807688505

  • Yeancah Demolah

    Good work sayeed, I need a tutorial link to be a super mikrotik master.

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