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Hello and welcome to System Zone. System Zone is an online IT solution center which discusses computer system related topics and find out various solutions which are related to computer system.

The guys who are related to computer and computer system face various problems in their daily personal life as well as their professional life. Sometimes, it is difficult to solve these problems by themselves. So, online sharing knowledge is their best friend to solve their any problem. Md. Abu Sayeed, the founder of System Zone, is a system administrator and he likes to share experiences those he is learning from his daily working life as well as his professional life. So, if you are a IT personnel, System Zone will be your best friend for solving your daily system related issues.

Topics of System Zone

The topics which are related to computer system are discussed in System Zone. Currently we are explaining various topics about MikroTik router configuration as well as computer tips and tricks. But, soon we will cover all the topics which are mentioned below.

  1. Computer Networking
  2. MikroTik Router
  3. Cisco Router and Switch
  4. Physical Server and Storage
  5. Redhat Linux
  6. Windows Server
  7. Windows Operating System
  8. Virtual Technology
  9. Access Point Configuration
  10. Hosting Control Panel Maintenance and so on.

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