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Download YouTube Video with Firefox Add-ons

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. Statistics shows that YouTube is the second popular website of the world. So, it is nothing to say that you are a YouTube fan like me. As a YouTube fan, sometimes you may need to download YouTube videos which you like. Although, you often get an extra bandwidth for YouTube video streaming from your ISP now a days so that you can watch your favorite YouTube video without any buffering. But it may happen sometimes that you need to watch any YouTube video again and again. Say, you get a video tutorial for configuring any device or a video about recipe and you need to watch this video again and again in future. In this case, it is always better to download this video in your local disk and watch the video whenever you need. Different ways are present today to download YouTube video file. Among them, today I will show you one of the easiest ways to download YouTube video file with your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Youtube Video Download

Youtube Video Download

YouTube video download with Mozilla Firefox extension

Mozilla Firefox is a popular browser to any online user. It is said that no online user can go a single day without Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source browser by Mozilla Corporation. It is now available for most of the operating system like Windows, macOS and Linux operating system. So, you can easily download and install Mozilla Firefox browser in your favorite operating system so easily. Mozilla Firefox has a lot of features which has increased its power more along with its awesome looking. It has an excellent feature to integrate various extensions with it for increasing its functionality. So, if you are a Firefox user, you can easily add YouTube Video and Audio Downloader extension which will help you to download any YouTube video or audio file so easily. If you are interested to download YouTube video or audio files with the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader extension, follow below simple steps to integrate this awesome extension in your Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. Go to YouTube Video and Audio Downloader page by clicking this link. Be careful to open this page with Mozilla Firefox browser otherwise you are not able to add this extension in your browser because this extension only works with Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Find and click on Add to Firefox button. A pop up window will appear as soon as you click this button and your add-ons will be started downloading.
  3. After completing download, click on the Install button which will appear within the pop up window.
  4. Within a few seconds installation and integration of YouTube Video and Audio extension will be completed.
  5. Now go to YouTube and open your desired YouTube video. You will see an orange color Download button at the bottom of your video.
  6. Click on this Download button and you will see various file format options at the right side of your YouTube video.
  7. Choose your desired file format and click on it. Your video file will be started downloading immediately in the default download location of your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Simple and necessary steps to add YouTube Video and Audio Downloader extension in your Mozilla Firefox browser has been shown here. If you do these steps carefully, you will be able to download your favorite YouTube video with the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader extension so easily, I hope.

How to download YouTube video from Firefox with YouTube Video and Audio Downloader add-ons has been explained step by step in this article. I hope, you are now able to download your YouTube video using Mozilla Firefox browser. However, if you face any problem to integrate this add-ons in your favorite Mozilla Firefox browser, feel free to contact with me from Contact page or leave comment in below comments box. I will try my best to stay with you.



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