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Mikrotik Router Basic Configuration Using Winbox

MikroTik is one of the most popular routers to any system administrator of any ISP company or any office because of having a lot of networking services which help to build a stable and smooth network. It is said that any ISP Company or Enterprise Office cannot go a single day without MikroTik router. So, the system administrators who are not using MikroTik router yet, soon they will start using MikroTik router, I think. As a system administrator, I am also using MikroTik router about 3 years and really I have got a stable and smooth network using MikroTik router. MikroTik router is mainly famous for bandwidth control service and packet filtering functionalities as well as cheap price. MikroTik router is also popular to any system administrator because of having graphical user interface (GUI) named winbox software which helps to manage MikroTik router so easily. As usage of MikroTik router is growing rapidly, this article is designed to show the basic configuration of a MikroTik Router from very beginning using winbox software so that a new MikroTik user can easily configure his/her router from very starting and can operate his network smoothly.

Prerequisites to Configure a MikroTik Router

Before going to start basic configuration of a MikroTik Router you should have below information.

  1. Basic knowledge about IP Addressing.
  2. A MikroTik RouterBoard or MikroTik RouterOS installed on a PC.
  3. Winbox Software.
  4. PC with windows operating system installed and RJ45 cables.

If you have the above requirements properly, you are now ready to start MikroTik router basic configuration. I’ll show you the proper steps to configure a new MikroTik router in the rest of this article.

4 Easy Steps to Configure a MikroTik Router

MikroTik router basic configuration includes assigning IP addresses and enabling NAT for accessing internet. MikroTik router basic configuration can be divided into 4 steps.

  1. Assigning WAN and LAN IP addresses
  2. Gateway configuration
  3. NAT configuration and
  4. DNS configuration

Among the above 4 steps, first three steps are mandatory for accessing internet trough your MikroTik router and step 4 is optional but it must be done for proper MikroTik router configuration.

To configure a MikroTik Router properly according to the above 4 steps, I’m using below information and a simple office network diagram where three users are connected to MikroTik router through a network switch and one interface of the router is connected to internet for accessing internet information.

  1. MikroTik RouterBoard 1100 AHX2
  2. WAN IP: (ISP provided)
  3. Gateway: (ISP provided)
  4. Public DNS: and
  5. LAN IP Network: (Private IP block chosen by me)
Simple Office Network

Simple Office Network

According to our simple office network diagram, first interface (ether1 port) is connected to ISP internet and this interface is our WAN port. We will set our WAN IP (provided by ISP) in this interface. Second interface (ether2 port) is our LAN interface and we will set our LAN Gateway in this interface. The users of this network are connected to MikroTik router trough a switch for accessing internet. In practical, your network will not be simple like this network diagram. You may have to main a large network where there may be hundred or thousand of users. But the basic configuration is same for all networks. However, we will now start our MikroTik router basic configuration according to the above 4 steps with our simple office network diagram.

Step 1. Assigning WAN and LAN IP Addresses

First step to configure a MikroTik router is to assign WAN and LAN IP addresses in WAN and LAN interface accordingly. So, follow below steps to set WAN and LAN IP addresses in your new MikroTik router.

  1. Download winbox from this link or collect winbox  from any source.
  2. Connect your PC with MikroTik Router by a RJ45 cable.
  3. Open winbox software in your operating system and click on search button located after Connect To: input box. Connected Ethernet’s MAC will appear now. Click on the MAC address. MikroTik router default username is admin and password is blank. So, type admin in the login input box and password field left blank and then click on Connect button. MikroTik graphical user interface (GUI) will appear now. If you face any confusion to open MikroTik GUI using winbox software, watch my below video tutorial carefully. Hope, it will reduce your confusion.
  4. Now click on Remove Configuration button if prompted.
  5. Go to IP > Addresses menu. Address List window will appear now. Click on add new button (PLUS sign) from Address List window. New Address window will appear. Put your WAN IP address (In this article: which is provided to you by your ISP into the Address input box and then select interface (In this article: ether1) on which you want to set WAN IP from the Interface drop-down menu and click Apply and then OK button.
  6. Click on add new button (+) again and put your LAN Gateway IP address (In this article: into the Address input box and choose your LAN interface (In this article: ether2) from Interface drop-down menu and click Apply and OK button.

Assigning WAN and LAN IP addresses has been completed. Now we will assign our MikroTik gateway which is provided by our ISP so that our MikroTik router can communicate to internet with this gateway.

Step 2. Gateway Configuration

After completing WAN and LAN IP setup, you should now configure your MikroTik gateway which is provided by your ISP. So, follow below simple steps to assign gateway IP in your MikroTik router.

  1. Go to IP > Routes menu. Route List window will appear now. You can see two dynamic routes are already added in this Route List. Click on add new button (+). New Route window will appear as soon as you click the button. Now put gateway address (in this article: which is provided by your ISP in Gateway input field.
  2. Now click Apply and OK button.

Gateway configuration of your MikroTik router has been completed. Now we will create NAT rule so that our MikroTik router can masquerade our LAN user IP to access internet.

Step 3. NAT Configuration

After completing gateway configuration, you have to create a NAT firewall rule to masquerade your LAN IP. Otherwise, your LAN user cannot access internet through your MikroTik router. So, follow below steps to create the masquerade firewall rule in your MikroTik router.

  1. Go to IP > Firewall menu and click on NAT tab and then click on add new button (+) button. New NAT Rule window will appear now.
  2. Choose Chain: srcnat and Src. Address: under General tab and choose Action: masquerade from Action tab and then click Apply and OK button.

NAT configuration in your MikroTik router has been completed. if you do not create this NAT rule, your LAN user cannot access internet through your router.

Three mandatory steps for configuring a new MikroTik router to access internet has been completed. Your LAN user are now able to access internet through your router if they use custom DNS server IP. But we shall now configure DNS in MikroTik router so that it can resolve DNS request as well as it can work as a DNS server.

Step 4. DNS Configuration

After completing three mandatory configuration, you need to configure DNS in MikroTik router so that it can resolve DNS request from the LAN user as well as itself. So, follow bellow steps to configure DNS in your MikroTik router.

  1. Go to IP > DNS menu. DNS Settings window will appear now. In this window, put DNS server address that you have got from ISP company or you can use public DNS IP ( in Servers input box. You can put secondary DNS server IP by clicking add new value button (drop down button) located after the Servers input box. Optionally, you can turn your MikroTik router as a DNS server. Turning your MikroTik router as a DNS server is a better idea, I think. Because if you use public DNS server in your network, every DNS request of your user will consume your paid bandwidth. But if you turn MikroTik router as a DNS sever, your user will get DNS solution from MikroTik router without consuming paid bandwidth. So, if you want to turn MikroTik into a DNS server, click the Allow Remote Requests check box and click Apply and OK button.
  2. If you turn your MikroTik router into a DNS server, all your MikroTik IP address can be used as a DNS server IP including WAN IP which is a public IP and problem will arise here. If anyone outside of your LAN use your WAN IP as a DNS IP, your MikroTik will be happy by serving him/her DNS solution consuming your paid bandwidth. So, you must stop DNS request from outside of your LAN. For stopping DNS request from outside of your LAN, you should apply firewall rules which will drop all DNS requests coming from your WAN interface (in this article: ether1). For this, go to IP > Firewall menu and click on add new button (PLUS Sign). New Firewall Rule window will appear now. Under General tab, choose Chain: input, Protocol: udp, Dst. Port: 53 and In. Interface: ether1. Now choose Action: drop from under Action Tab and click Apply and OK button. You must create another similar rule for TCP connection. For this, click on add new button (PLUS Sign) again and choose Chain: input, Protocol: tcp, Dst.Port: 53 and In. Interface: ether1 and then choose Action: drop under Action tab and click Apply and OK button. Now your MikroTik DNS server is safe from outside of your LAN.

DNS configuration in your MikroTik router has been completed. Now your MikroTik router is able to resolve DNS request for the LAN user as well as itself.

Your MikroTik router is completely ready if you follow the above 4 steps carefully. Connect a switch to MikroTik LAN interface with RJ45 cable and connect all PCs to this switch. Also connect ISP cable to WAN interface. Now assign IP to all your LAN PC according to your LAN IP network series. If you face any problem to set IP address in windows PC, follow my another article about how to assign static IP address in windows operating system which will guide you the proper way to assign IP address in any windows PC. Now browse any website or ping google.com from your LAN PC. If your ISP is OK, you will now be able to browse any website successfully.

You should follow the above 4 steps so carefully to configure your new MikroTik Router successfully. If you miss any step, your configuration will be wrong and your LAN users will not be able to access internet through your MikroTik router. If you face any confusion to do above 4 steps, watch my below video tutorial carefully about MikroTik Router Basic Configuration using Winbox. I hope, it will help you enough for configuring your MikroTik router.

MikroTik Router Basic Configuration using Winbox has been explained step by step in this article. I hope, you are now able to configure a new MikroTik Router successfully from very beginning. However, if you face any problem to configure your MikroTik router, feel free to discuss in comment or contact with me from Contact page. I will try my best to stay with you.



I, Md. Abu Sayeed, am a system administrator. I like to share knowledge which I am learning from my daily experience. As a system administrator, I like to play with computer networking, Redhat Linux , Windows server, physical server and storage, virtual technology and other system related topics. I hope, my daily experiences which I am sharing in this website will be beneficial for you. This article is also a practical experience of mine. So, if this article is helpful for you, don't forget to give a positive feedback by sharing on your favorite social media or liking our Facebook Page. You can also keep subscribed to our website for getting email notification of new post by providing your name and email address in Subscription Page.   



    I’ve liked the explanation, but I got a problem with my DHCP it is not distributing the ip’s into my network.

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  • joseph sayeed

    Bro how can I setup an hotspot on my mikrotik router Rb2011

    • As far I know, your router support hotspot. Bro, do Google for hotspot configuration or wait until I prepare an article about hotspot configuration. Thanks.

  • Jay Navea

    Whenever I reach your firewall step, winbox disconnects and would just DC again after few seconds if I reconnect. I had the router manually reset several times and start from scratch then it just happens again on firewall step.

    • You should connect your PC and MikroTik router with RJ45 cable and disconnect other networking device. If more than one router or winbox is open in your network, sometimes it might happen.

  • Hamid Ahmad

    I want to learn mikrotik

  • Makara

    I really like you video tutorials.
    I have a wonder for basic mikrotik configuration.
    The first step is to put WAN IP address from ISP and then we put our LAN network address or LAN default gateway?
    Because in your topic of basic configuration you put LAN Gateway address: but in the topic PPPOe configuration you put LAN network address:
    Can you confirm about that?

    Thanks in advance,

  • James

    Hi Sir,

    Thank you for the guide. I’m new in this product. Do you have an article on how to configure the firewall? I would like to know on how to block/allow certain websites.

  • Sapanda

    I have a question. This DNS server firewall, that will make your router not to be used as dns request for outisde connections. where excactly will someone place the firewall where you blocked/dropped tcp and udp ports. Will the firewall command come before other firewall rules or after all other firewall rules. I have hotspot running on my lan. How do I go about it.


    • Hi Sapanda,
      This firewall rule only block 53 port tcp or udp request that is coming from your public users. Also the public interface (ether1) has been selected. So, your LAN user will not be affected by this rule because this rule will be applied only those requests which are coming public interface (ether1). You don’t need ordering the firewall rule. You can place this rule any position in your firewall window.

  • Jim

    Pls help!!!!!!
    I’ve struggle to force all user traffic through Yandex DNS numbers. Even afer adjusting primary and secondary dns as well as the NAT & Firewall, of my RB950g Mikrotik router, I am still getting no filtering. What exactly may be wrong? I have spent 3 months trying out everything on google, including video tutorials.

    Can I simply mail my mikrotik config bckp file to you to check? My office insists I solve the problem and get the internet filtered off inappropriate contents.

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for visiting my web site. It will be better if you mail me your requirements elaborately. Now I am giving you some points about your problem.
      1. DNS is just used for resolving domain name. If you want to force all your user will get DNS solution from a specific DNS server, you should use DHCP server to assign DNS IP dynamically to a client. However, if any user manually put DNS IP, he/she will not get DNS solution from your server.
      2. If you want to filter any unwanted content, you should use firewall rule with Layer7 Protocol.
      3. Why do you want to force all your user to use Yanddex DNS? is it beneficial for you?

  • Mukul


    I wants to configure my Mikrotik 450 Router to use to different WAN connections from different ISP . One ISP-IP for Browsing and other ISP-IP for Youtube. how i configure my router with bandwidth control for LAN.



    • You have to apply PBR(Policy Based Routing) for youtube. Create a prerouting mangle rule to mark connection for youtube and then create routing for this connection to your desired ISP. Browsing ISP configuration will be normal basic configuration. Check my tutorial to create PBR in MikroTik router.

      • Mukul


        Thanks for your reply. i want to know , example- i took one ip from ISP 5Mbps for browsing and other ip from ISP 30 Mbps for youtube. PBR is 1Mb, 2Mb, 3Mb, 5Mb etc. 1Mb/2Mb/3Mb/5Mb is 128/256/384/640kb for browsing and 872/1744/2616/4360kb for youtube. How i configure the router?



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    • Hi Nacua,
      Thanks for visiting my website. You are always welcome to learn from mine and my website. Bro, you don’t need to install Mikrotik OS in every PC but only the which you want to turn into Mikrotik router. If you face any problem about Mikrotik router, don’t be heisted to knock me.

  • Srikanth

    Hi sayeed,

    while configuring the wan the ip which we give is private or public ip..

    Please revert



    • Normally the WAN IP is provided by your ISP and they will give you public IP. Your ISP provided IP have to be assigned on WAN interface and it can be public or private depended on your ISP policy.

  • Faheem

    Thanks it was great to learn more on mikrotek … i require one help … plz elaborate it how i can do it . I have a mikrotek router board and isp have provided me one Wan IP with 252 subnet like this 111.XXX.XXX.10 , SUbnet : Gateway : 111.XXX.XXX.11 and Lan IP as 111..xxx.xxx.30/29 so i shall be able to have 6 Ips as lan ips . Now i require these Lan Ips to be public IPs as the person which will connect from my mikrotek router requires public ip and ISP have provided me 111..xxx.xxx.30/29 as public ip pool . Please give the setp by setp configuration of configuring this ip pool as public ip in the lan segement of the router so that person have a public ip on his pc and publically ping able .
    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Faheem,
      Thanks for visiting my website. Your network is too small to make subnet. Without subnetting you cannot use your ISP subnet as your LAN network. If you want, you can provide them direct connection as like you have connected your mikrotik router. Another suggestion, you can increase your subnet from ISP and then make subnet to use as your LAN network.

  • Crawley Obara

    You are awesome. So I have been using Mikrotik for a while but about two weeks ago something broke. My access points all have ip and I cannot winbox into them. I have tried everything including MAC, Telnet, TelMac etc. Nothing seems to work. I could reset the APs but they are too high up and cannot touch the reset button. Is there a way of reseting them to default without touching the AP?

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  • docaustyne

    RouterBoard 1100 (1100Hx2) and 1100AHx2, that is the model of my mikrotik. I just sent you a skype request @docaustyne


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